Summer may be halfway over, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the sun before autumn comes our way. As you embark on epic adventures away from home, we’ve partnered up with Ting Mobile to answer the question: How much data do I need for summertime?

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Hint: There’s not a straightforward answer. Not only do data needs vary from person to person, they can shift from month to month, as well. That’s why it’s important to have a phone plan designed to flex with you. That’s also why Ting Mobile’s assembled plans for both high-volume data users and data sippers alike.

Get set for summer with the right data plan for you

For the hardcore data crowd, Ting Unlimited plans offer up to 35GB of fast, uncapped LTE/5G data (where applicable), plus unlimited talk and text for $45-$55 a month (depending on the plan you choose).

Don’t need all that data? No worries. Ting Flex plans start at just $10 a month for unlimited talk and text, plus $5 for every GB you and your shared lines use in a month. If you’re either a naturally low data user, or you’re looking to cut back on your mobile data consumption, a Flex plan can save you some serious cash on your monthly bill.

If an Unlimited plan is too big and a Flex plan is too small, Ting Mobile’s developed a Goldilocks option that fits just right. The Set 12 plan comes with 12GB of LTE/5G data (where applicable), plus unlimited talk and text for just $35 a month.

So what can you do with 12GB of data? Quite a bit, actually.

Several things you can do with 12GB of data

Did you know that with 12GB of data, you can stream up to 120 hours of music via your favorite music streaming service? With that same 12GB of data, you can watch 48 hours of videos without stopping for a break. If you like to make video calls, 12GB will award you 66 hours of face-to-face screen time with family and friends. For TikTok addicts, you can binge the app for 33 hours straight.

Basically, 12GB is enough data for you to comfortably use your device as you typically would without scrimping and saving every precious gigabyte. Just enjoy your content, wherever your summer adventures may take you.

The ideal data plan for summer

Circling back around to the question we asked at the beginning of this article: How much data do I need for summertime?

According to Ting Mobile, 12GB of data is the sweet spot for most smartphone owners. It’s more than enough for everyday use, plus its price point places it nicely between Ting Mobile’s other service options. And just like all of Ting Mobile’s plans, Set 12 comes with access to the company’s valued customer support team.

To see if your current phone is compatible with Ting Mobile, follow the prompts on this page. After that, sign up for your Ting Mobile Set 12 plan here and enjoy the monthly savings.

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