Depending on your region, OnePlus just started delivering an all-new update to 8T owners yesterday. It's a slight improvement, primarily intended to fix some non-specific bugs on NA and EU variants. If you're part of OnePlus's beta program, you haven't been left out of the upgrade fun, as Open Beta 7 is now available for your device.

This new software for the OnePlus 8T isn't exactly a game-changing update. It does, however, include a couple of essential fixes if you're running the beta on your daily driver. In addition to "improved system stability," OnePlus has fixed an issue where face unlock would fail to work with WhatsApp's QR code scanning. Considering WhatsApp isn't a system app, it's an oddly specific solution, even for a beta. This revision also tweaks the Work-Life Balance app, allowing Wi-Fi networks to be shared between profiles along with a fix for editing modes.

Just as with yesterday's stable OxygenOS update, Open Beta 7 adds the OnePlus Store app to your phone automatically. As frustrating as it might be to see bloatware pop up on your device, it can be uninstalled entirely — no disabling required. Oh, and July's security patch is here for good measure.

We're still waiting on OnePlus to update its forums with an official announcement regarding this latest version. Until then, you can check out the full changelog using the screenshot above.

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