The wait for Android 12 grows shorter by the day, and thanks to monthly beta updates, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect this fall. Google's introducing a whole new look with Material You, complete with automatic customization options based on your wallpaper. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the tools available in Android 11 won't be making the jump to the latest version.

When Android 12 Beta 3 dropped last week, we discovered that Google's new "Wallpaper & style" menu was finally live, offering personalized (albeit limited) accent colors and themed icons. Noticeably missing from this menu: the old font and icon options currently available in Android 11. Currently, these settings are found under the "Style" menu, allowing you to change system icons like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, font, and highlight colors. You could even build custom sets if the six premade inclusions did nothing for you.

Left: Android 11's "Style menu. Right: Android 12 Beta 3's "Wallpaper & style" menu.

Although we assumed these options would return before Android 12's development was complete, that dream might be dead. A beta tester filed a bug report on Issue Tracker regarding the missing menu, and a Google employee returned with the following statement:

The custom style features (font, icon shape, icon pack, and accent color) in R are being replaced by the new dynamic theming feature that we are introducing in S. We see the new dynamic theming feature as more modern and intelligent. A simple and delightful experience that we hope all users can get to enjoy.

In other words, font and icon options are gone in Android 12. Considering this year's update is all about allowing users to personalize their smartphone experience, it's weird to see these tools removed. Based on the frustration seen in that forum's replies, it's always possible that the company changes its mind — though probably not in time for Android 12. As for now, if you're a fan of wacky font choices, you're out of luck.