The Pixel 5 is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary, and if you haven't already slapped a case on this fella, that fancy speckled bio resin coating may be looking a little worse for wear. To help you keep your phone protected for at least another several months or more, we've rounded up our top five favorite cases for the Pixel 5.

Most personalized protection: dbrand Grip (Featured)

If you want to wrap your phone in a legitimately protective case, but you don't want to be trapped in a sea of black, blue, and transparent blandness, dbrand's Grip is going to be your best option.

Available in combination with dozens of dbrand's skins, the Grip is the best way to keep your phone's look personal, without going full-on "I very obviously rattle-canned this in my backyard" personal.

You can choose from textures like dbrand's signature Dragon and Swarm, or keep it low key with dbrand's Seafoam Green from the Pastels lineup, as we've done here. You can also rest assured that skin will fit on there perfectly, with dbrand's absurdly tight tolerances covering every square millimeter with precision.

The Grip itself is a tough customer, with full 360-degree lip protection for your precious Pixel, and strong, reinforced corners to withstand your highly rugged lifestyle (read: dropping your phone at the grocery store).

Most fun: Official Pixel fabric case

Google's official fabric cases have always tickled us. They're so different, so unique, and generally just so nice to touch that we can't resist their woven charm. Available in some decidedly more bold finishes this year, like the Green Chameleon you see here, they're just so full of character.

The fabric case gives your power button some real pop, and the cutout along the chin ensures your various swiping and swooping won't be interfered with during day to day navigation. If you want the most Pixely Pixel case, it's hard to argue with these. Also, that texture is just something else — maybe not for everyone, but we've always been big fans.

Most eco-friendly: Pela Case


So, you're concerned about wasting plastic. We get it. Most phone cases do, sadly, end up in a landfill one day, and used phone cases generally aren't something most people end up trading around a lot. Enter the Pela Case.

The Pela Case is made of 100% compostable materials, so when it finally is time to discard it, you can know it won't be adding to some nation-sized plastic cyclone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

There are basic colors, but you can also upgrade to some of the special edition prints Pela offers, like this Honey Bee Edition we're rocking right here. If the environment is issue one for you, Pela is definitely the top option if you actually do want a case for your phone in the first place.

Most protective, least visible: Otterbox Symmetry

Otterbox has long been synonymous with big, beefy protection for all your various electronics, but the Symmetry case is more of their "best of both worlds" model. It offers very serious protection — the Symmetry is thicc —but keeps your Pixel's look and feel front and center.

The clear polycarbonate case means you see your phone, not a case, and that you're still protected in the event of a significant "oops." The Symmetry features a reduced lip along the bottom of the phone, too, for easier use of Android's gestures.

Most protection on a budget: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen is a byword in cases, and there's a reason for that: you get a lot of case for not a lot of money. The Tough Armor has long been one of our favorites for this reason — that, and it has an awesome kickstand.

The Tough Armor uses two layers of protection to ensure your Pixel can survive a nasty encounter with smartphone enemy number one: the ground. Did we mention it has a kickstand? It has a kickstand. Kickstands are good.

Spigen cases also retain good button feel, and offer an understated look for those of us who aren't interested in a flashy smartphone aesthetic.

Which should you buy?

The official Pixel fabric cases catch our eye every year, and this one is no different: they're real lookers, and you probably will get a comment or two if you use one. dbrand's Grip is also a great option if you want to add a more personal sense of personality to your Pixel. And Spigen's Tough Armor is a good buy if the bottom line is the bottom line for you.

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