Arlo's security cameras are getting more popular thanks to wide availability and simplicity. And the company is embracing that simplicity with its latest change to its cloud subscription plans. Some people will like the expansions since they offer recording for more cameras. But if you're particularly worried about emergency services, you might be paying a little more.

Here's the breakdown of the new plans:

Arlo Secure Plus = $14.99/month

  • Emergency Response service
  • Unlimited device support
  • 30 days of cloud recording, increases video recording quality up to 4K for supported devices

Arlo Secure = $9.99/month

  • Unlimited device support
    • $2.99/month option for single device support
  • 30 days of cloud recording, (video recording quality up to 2K)

Emergency response is moving up from the $10 to the $15 tier, justified because it now has new powers. Users can send fire, police, or medical services to their home via the Arlo app, even specifying the location by camera, without ever getting on the phone. Even updates from the services can be sent by text, so if for whatever reason you don't want to (or can't) speak to emergency services, you have that option.

Importantly, an alternative to the $10 a month plan remains in place: $2.99 per month for a single camera. That's handy if you live in an apartment or especially small home, and only want the doorbell. And $10 a month for unlimited devices, previously capped at five, is pretty good if you don't think you need help getting emergency services.

Here's a more expansive comparison with technical details:

Subscribers at any tier get advanced features over the cameras working locally: advanced object detection processing, smoke and CO alarm alerts, "call a friend" via the Arlo app," and discounts on future purchases through the Arlo store.