You'd be forgiven for forgetting the Olympics are right around the corner — so soon, in fact, that some of the preliminary events begin today. Postponed a year from the initial launch date, Tokyo 2020 continues to be unlike any Olympic event in recent memory. While there's no chance of you catching any of the games in person, you can enjoy a new Olympics-themed minigame from Google starring everyone's favorite dinosaur.

Chrome's hidden jumping minigame has been around since 2014, and it's even received a few upgrades since its launch. To celebrate the Olympics in style, Google has added some new event-themed levels, which you can activate by grabbing the torch while playing the opening of a level. Equestrian jumping, gymnastics, and hurdles were all featured throughout random levels, though I could only play the themed stages on my phone. Unfortunately, it seems like these new levels haven't made it onto the desktop version of Chrome.

It's a fun little distraction, even if it comes as the Tokyo Games are still up in the air days before the opening ceremony. COVID-19 continues to factor into these events, with fan attendance restricted and cancellation talks being floated as late as yesterday. So while you might be unable to fly to Japan to experience the Olympics yourself — and depending on how cases rise throughout the next two weeks, might not be able to finish watching them on TV — at least you can get the thrill of landing a new high-score as the Dino surfs to victory.

If you want to try them out to yourself, head to chrome://dino on your phone to get started.

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