There are whole industries built around hunting for the very best deals (we do what we can to point out ones our readers express interest in), and now Google is rolling out a couple of new tools for Search and the Shopping tab that should make bargain shopping and Black Friday deal-hunting a little easier.

To start, today Google is beginning to roll out a new "deals related to your search" section in the Shopping tab, detailing promotions tied to your search. While that might not be especially handy for super-specific things, more general category searches will likely return more results and better deals.

In October, Google will also roll out a new feature, just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, that integrates right into Search itself on related queries, promoting content sorted into categories you can filter through. It isn't entirely clear if that content will include deals spotted by sites like ours or if it's limiting things just to retailer listings. Either way, don't worry: they'll only appear for certain related queries like "Black Friday deals."

Merchants hoping to attract attention should also take note: Google's making deals and promotions uploaded in the Merchant Center automatically surface in the Shopping tab, whether you take advantage of advertising or not, and Google is also extending YouTube's shopping integration test to livestreams.