Clubhouse has been on Android for nearly three months, but the required invite system made it difficult for most users to actually test out one of the most popular new social networks since TikTok. Since its initial unveiling, countless clones inspired by the app have arrived on the scene, from companies like Facebook, Twitter, and even Spotify. If you've spent this year waiting for Clubhouse to open its doors to the public, you're in luck. As of today, you'll no longer need an invite to sign up for the app.

Clubhouse has been teasing a public launch on track for this summer since May, and with today's update, it has succeeded. The app also has a new icon featuring Justin "Meezy" Williams — 21 Savage's manager and a prolific Clubhouse user — and a fresh look to its website. For good measure, you'll also find some timed profile icons for the Olympics to show off your country's pride as the games kick off later this week.

I made an account! And then got kicked out!

It seems like a sudden boost in new users has made it difficult to use the app. I couldn't sign up at all on my Pixel 4a 5G, but after making an account on an iOS device, both it and my Pixel were constantly kicked out of the app with a vague error message upon taking any action. With an app this hyped, it's not surprising to see it struggling to keep up with an influx of new accounts. Hopefully, these error messages won't last long, and we can all collectively check out Clubhouse before inevitably forgetting we ever installed it at all.

You can grab the newly-opened Clubhouse from the Play Store below or install the latest APK from APK Mirror.