Android 12 debuts a big visual redesign for Google's platform, and the company is also changing other apps to match the new look. Among them is a redesigned setup interface that matches the new UI. If it's still there when Android 12 reaches stable, your next phone might have a colorful new setup process with a handful of fun animations.

Images via @MishaalRahman

The change to the SetupWizard app's UI was spotted last week by LineageOS director @luca020400 (via @MishaalRahman) and shows a much more colorful and friendly setup process, together with some new animations.

These are surprisingly hard to capture and do justice to — it's much more fun and bubbly than this staccato gif makes it seem. 

The setup process itself is about the same as it was before, as far as we can tell, but the UI has been adjusted to better match the revamped layout that is rolling out to other aspects of Android 12's design. Some of the uses of shapes and color are clearly inspired by the new Material You look, though the overall UI setup process is a little more subdued than some of the other dynamic theming that other aspects of the Android 12 UI take advantage of.

Cumulatively, that means the new setup process uses left-aligned headers, sub-headers, and icons, bigger oval-shaped buttons, and everything is much bigger and easier to read. Previously, the text during the setup process was actually surprisingly dinky. Parts of the UI for using your phone to set up another device have also been adjusted in about the same way.

Some images via @MishaalRahman

Some of these changes may extend beyond Pixels, but at least some of the tweaks I've seen in the setup UI are tied to Pixel-specific apps and activities. There could be some variety in the setup process when Android 12 hits stable, or the differences could simply be as subtle as Pixel-specific phrasing and animations, I can't be sure. When Beta 3-related changes roll out to other manufacturer preview programs, we'll know more. But, at a minimum, your new Pixel 6 should probably have a snazzy new Material You setup UI this fall.