Have you found that the homescreen interface is confusing when you've used Duo? Actually, maybe I should back that up: have you used Duo? Google would really appreciate it if you at least tried it out. To that effect, it's listening to some users about ways to make the homescreen easier to use.

According to a support forum post from earlier this week, the homescreen for Duo will soon be festooned with a "new call" button, which will expand into a standard Duo call, group call, call "Home" (i.e. smart screens and speakers connected to your Home/Assistant), and a link for seeing groups and contact lists. Existing functions will be moved around to facilitate this change.

The Google representative said that the update will be rolling out over the next few weeks, but if anyone has it just yet, we haven't seen it. It'll be interesting to see if focusing on ease of use will result in more people adopting Duo — at this point it's hard to see how it could hurt.

At least one Twitter user has spotted the new interface. Note the single double-wide button on the bottom.

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