If you're in the market for an affordable Chromebook, Best Buy is offering a sweet deal on a Lenovo model today. The Chromebook 3 is a 14-inch ARM-based laptop that won't win any drag races (you know, if laptops could drag race, and if MediaTek processors were engines... this metaphor is falling apart fast), but it's a reliable machine for browsing and basic work. Today, it's $219 — a whole $100 under MSRP.

The Lenovo Chromebook 3 features 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, pretty standard for Chromebooks at this price range. But unlike some variants of this model, the 82KN0001US version includes an upgraded 1080p touchscreen, with IPS color accuracy and 300 nits of brightness — that's a considerable improvement over the non-touch base model with its TN panel. Ports are all on the left side, for better or worse, and include a single USB-C port (power in, video out), one USB-A port, and a headphone jack, plus a handy MicroSD card slot. 

The Chromebook 3 is pretty sedate in terms of styling, but I do appreciate the dual-texture finish on the lid and the speakers on either side of the keyboard, since many cheaper laptops place them on the bottom. The 720p webcam includes a privacy shutter (a common Lenovo feature), and that low-power MediaTek chip means this thing should last for at least 12 hours on a charge (Lenovo claims 16 max).

Best Buy is offering the Chromebook 3 at this price with either free shipping in the US or free in-store pickup.

It's back!

Best Buy's got the Chromebook 3 on sale again today for an even-better $219. The price expires tonight, though, so get on it.