As we work through our mile-long Android 12 to-do list, we have another curious detail to share. Partially aligning with prior rumors that Google would be replacing the much-loved At A Glance widget bundled into the Google app and the launcher on the company's Pixels, the latest beta release shows that it's been adjusted. Things haven't changed very much visually, but Android 12 Beta 3 debuts the new-in-name Live Space widget, replacing At A Glance.

Left: Beta 2. Right: Beta 3. Note the name change.

The only visual change seems to be a very slight tweak to punctuation for the date in the widget and a small adjustment to text size and boldness — though the latter could simply be a result of comparing between two different devices. Associated sub-menus in the Pixel Launcher are unchanged (and they still call it the At A Glance widget, too, conflicting with the root "home settings" menu). The separate Google-app-provided widget still has the older name in the Widget chooser.

Above: Beta 2/3 comparison of the widget itself. Below: The Google app's widget still has the older name attached to it — which Google inconsistently capitalizes. 

We knew the "Live Space" name was coming, and prior teardowns indicated both a reshuffling for how you think about its various features and some kind of new physical retailer/store integration — potentially tied to a visual redesign for the widget as well. However, none of that seems to be live yet. Given the number of releases left before Android 12 hits stable, we'll probably see more pretty soon.