It's no secret that we're constantly looking for ways to save our hard-earned cash when we purchase things. While there are plenty of resources to help us hunt for deals, it still requires a bit of work on our end to find the best prices. Thankfully, Google has been working to bring a price tracker to Chrome for Android, and with a future update, it could be even easier to find products at their best prices.

We've discovered a series of new commits on the Chromium Gerrit that signal the intention to bring a new shopping list feature Chrome on your phone. Internally called "Wall-e," this feature works in tandem with its price tracker to help make shopping products at their lowest price much easier while you surf online. You'll be able to test it with a Chrome flag when it arrives in a Canary channel update.

An upcoming flag will put a shopping list right into your bookmarks for quick access.

We aren't sure exactly how it'll all work, but diving into the prototype's code gives us clues on what the feature will do when it becomes functional. When you have a tab of a product open with price tracking turned on, Chrome will keep an eye out for deals. If the browser finds a discount, it'll notify you about the product's price drop. You can choose to save the product for later or dismiss it — if you save it, Chrome will add the item to your bookmarks, stored in a collapsable carousel at the top. The folder will fill up as you continue saving products on sale that Chrome finds, sorted by the newest. It's unclear if Chrome will sync the shopping list folder across desktop platforms.

Avid Google Shopping users who've missed using the app for deals may feel right at home using this Chrome feature, but personally, I dislike the idea of bundling a revenue streaming system into the browser. I don't mind using a variety of resources to find deals online and bookmarking them manually since the research also helps offer better insights into the product. I'm probably not Google's target audience, though, and others may find this automation to be incredibly convenient. We'll keep a close eye on its development and update you when we learn more.