Last week, Nintendo surprise-announced a new Switch model. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) isn't quite the "Switch Pro" pundits had hoped for; it's a smaller mid-generation refresh, largely focused on quality-of-life hardware improvements like the eponymous larger, OLED display. But this week, another surprise: you can pre-order the thing starting today.

If you haven't been following the story, this new model isn't the type of thing people who bought a standard Switch last year should rush out to upgrade to. The core experience — which games the console plays and at what graphical fidelity — hasn't changed. But it's definitely better than the older model in subtler ways, including that seven-inch OLED display (that's still 720p, by the way); beefed up speakers; a new, sleeker dock; 64 gigs of storage (as opposed to the original's paltry 32); and an improved, Microsoft Surface-style kickstand.

At $350, the OLED model is a modest price bump from the base-model Switch — one that's probably justified, given the improvements. But those improvements may not mean much to owners of older Switch models, many of whom are feeling a little burnt by this new version. Still, if you'd been holding off buying a Switch for a new model, or if your launch-day Switch is looking a bit worse for wear (I'm certainly in that boat), this could be a good opportunity for you. Pre-orders open today at noon, Pacific (that's 3 p.m., Eastern) at major retailers. Consoles should arrive by October 8.

Pre-order: Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target