Google Play Books has been my eBook reader of choice for years now, but there's one part of the experience that's always grated on me — organizing my library. But that's changing, as a feature from the iOS version of the app finally makes its way to Android.

If you're an Android user, sorting your books and comics has been a painful experience as you only have three options: recently added, title, and author. This has been a bugbear of mine for a long time as neither of these is particularly useful for organizing large libraries and different collections. For example, some of the book series that I read like Star Wars: Legacy of The Force are written by several authors and contain books with different titles. No existing sorting or filtering method works in this case.

I don't have this on Android yet, but it should look the same as the iPad version above

Thankfully, Google has just announced some changes for Play Books that address this. Custom shelves, which have been available for iOS (and web) users for a good while now, fix the issue by letting you create a custom shelf and add the books you need in the order you want. Like a real library, they let you bundle related books and series together using whatever logic you prefer, so you always have a quick way to find them, even if you forgot the title or author.

Additionally, Google says you can now search for books based on language, and the app will send notifications if a book you've sampled or have on your wishlist goes on sale.

Overall, this is a solid update for Play Books, and I can't wait for these features to go live for users.

Google Play Books & Audiobooks
Google Play Books & Audiobooks