Mozilla has pushed the first Firefox 91 Beta to the Play Store, shortly after releasing Firefox 90. It comes with a few select changes, but we're still left eagerly awaiting some hotly anticipated features that were long promised.

Firefox 91 adds a "jump back in" section to its new tab page. It gives you quick access to the tab you opened most recently and should help you pick up where you left off. There's also a "show all" button that simply opens the tab switcher overview. It reminds me a bit of an older design Firefox was testing before it released its fully rewritten browser to the stable channel. Here, the tab switcher lived right on the new tab page and not within a bottom sheet at all.

In a similar vein, the beta has added a new "start on home" option to the Firefox tab settings. By default, Firefox will start up on the new tab page when you haven't opened the browser for four hours, but you can also choose to disable Start on home altogether or have Firefox open on a new tab page at all times. Just note that the latter option apparently refers to a full restart of the application. Returning to your Android homescreen and then tapping the Firefox icon won't trigger this — you need to actually restart the app.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mozilla will leave us waiting for a few hotly anticipated features even longer. The company hasn't added anything new to its list of supported add-ons on Android, so you'll have to keep using the Nightly version if you need access to more extensions. Pull-to-refresh still isn't available, either.

You can download the Firefox 91 beta on the Play Store, but we've also got it over at APK Mirror in case it hasn't rolled out for you yet.

Firefox for Android Beta
Firefox for Android Beta
Developer: Mozilla
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