There's no shortage of ways to spend upwards of $1,000 on a smartphone these days, but sometimes, you just want something that works without breaking the bank. Budget devices can be hard to get right — too many cut corners can equal a bad experience. The Nokia 5.4 is one of the best entry-level phones you can buy right now, and it's back down to its lowest price at Amazon today.

Nokia priced the 5.4 at a whopping $250 at launch, but with this discount, you'll only have to pay $180. With a 6.39" 720p display, 4GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, it's much more tantalizing at its new price. It might not blow you away like Samsung's next folding phone, but if you're just looking for a solid daily driver, you can't do better — especially if you're looking for reliable two-day battery life. Throw in a headphone jack, a decent 48MP primary camera, and two years of promised software updates, and this is quite the phone for under $200.

The primary hang-up in our review came down to its launch price, and with that hurdle out of the way, this is a great time to pick up an affordable device. Both colors are on sale, so head over to the link below and pick out the shade that's right for you.