Apple just recently invented widgets last year, so naturally Google would want to make sure Pixel-owners are familiar with the idea before rolling out its own version of the feature. Wait, no, that's backwards: Android's had widgets since 2008, and Pixels have enjoyed them for years, including Google's own At-A-Glance widget (now Live Space). Familiar as we all are with the concept, Google has seen fit to explain in Android 12 Beta 3 with a new prompt that the revolutionary new feature can let you "get info without opening apps" and "you can add widgets to your home screen."

When you go to add a widget in Android 12 Beta 3 — that action itself likely demonstrating that you're already familiar with the now years-old process and how they work — you'll see the new prompt just above that explains just what a widget is, with a big friendly button offering to teach you more in the Pixel's Tips app. Tapping it doesn't take you to a widget-specific walkthrough as you might expect, widget-ignorant as you are, just the main section of the app. Dismiss the prompt, and it won't appear again, you newfangled widget expert, you.

That's not all that Android 12 offers when it comes to widgets, either. There's a new conversation widget that's been slowly picking up features and a brand new widget selector. But Apple's invention of the widget last year has forced Google to reassess this whole new concept.

I know, the idea of "widgets" is a lot to take in, especially with all the other changes in Android 12, but at least Google's willing to hold our hands through this introduction.