Android 12 Beta 3 is all about the Material You dynamic theming. Joining Pixel Launcher tweaks (among other items on our now mile-long list of items to write) is an updated Google Camera app that ships with this latest release. That's right, the Pixel's world-class photo experience is now augmented by tasteful accents while you're taking them, too.

In case somehow you're unfamiliar, Material You is the name given to a handful of changes in Android 12 that allow the system to choose a set of accent colors from the background and allow apps and system components to inherit them for maximum snazz.

Behold: Colorful buttons. 

The change is immediately visible but not particularly far-reaching, tinting the zoom, save-to button, and the currently selected mode in the default view to match the primary accent color chosen by the system. Other UI elements seem to be about the same generally, though the side-scrolling menu of modes is just slightly lower on the display, and text is no longer precisely centered in the current indicator — it's offset just a tiny bit down.

Left: Beta 2/Google Camera 8.2.400.3776995972.29. Right: Beta 3/

Sub-menus also pick up on these cues, with toggles inheriting saturated versions of the accent color. The font in the settings menu has also been tweaked slightly to match other recently updated apps, picking up Google Sans typefaces as the company's new Material You guidelines announced back in May dictate. Separators between sections in Settings have also been removed.

The change is technically part of an 8.3.awholebunchofnumbers update for the Google Camera app, but it seems to be distributed as part of the Android 12 Beta 3 update, and it may rely on changes present in Beta 3 to work correctly.