It's an open secret that Samsung is on the cusp of launching its newest hardware. Both new foldables and new smartwatches from the company have leaked out multiple times, showing off refreshes for the Galaxy Z-series and new Wear OS-equipped smartwatches. Not looking to be left out of the fun, Samsung has decided to tease new hardware all on its own, as a new YouTube video shows off some upcoming gadgets in style.

In a video uploaded to Samsung's official YouTube channel today (via 9to5Google), what appears to be the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Watch4 are seen being used by one of the Good Lock developers. The folding phone is seen wrapped in a leather folio case, but the angle allows us to get a glimpse of its camera lineup. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch4 appears in its Classic variant, with a large silver bezel and leather wristband.

The case itself is especially interesting, as it includes a cover for the front display. That should help prevent smudges and fingerprints while you're using the phone's main internal screen.

The same developer is seen a moment later holding a yellow S Pen, presumably making good use of the Z Fold3's stylus capabilities. Thanks to some recent FCC filings, we know the phone will support the S Pen Pro, though it looks like this is the smaller standard model. If recent rumors pan out, we're just under a month away from an official unveiling for both gadgets, so hopefully, we won't be waiting much longer to get our hands on either device.

Assuming Samsung doesn't take down its video, you can check it out for yourself around 55 seconds in using the embed above. The whole video is worth a watch to look into how the team behind Good Lock works.