Google Lens is one of the most underrated tools out there, and if you're not using it already, you should give it a shot — it was one of our top 10 favorite Android features of 2020. If you're a frequent user, though, you're about to see an overhaul of the UI that puts more emphasis on the images you already have on your phone.

The live viewfinder now only takes up the top third of screen real estate, with the rest now being dedicated to screenshots and other images in your gallery. You can still access the viewfinder with a simple down swipe or by tapping on Search with your camera.

This might not seem like a major change, but it does indicate that people probably use Lens after-the-fact since the new UI makes it pretty easy to jump right into analyzing any of your existing images. Until now, Google has pretty much focused on the live viewfinder, but that isn't always the best option since images taken within Lens don't get saved to your device.

I'm noticing the new UI on Google app v12.26.10.23 (Lens updates on Android are a part of the Google app), and it seems like a server-side switch since I don't see it on another device. You can still try your luck by updating the Google app or sideloading it from APK Mirror. We're not sure if and when this update will make it to iOS.

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