There are loads of evidence that Google is working on a game mode for Android 12, and although the company hasn't fully enabled it in the beta just yet, it's now all but official. During its Google for Games Developer Summit, the company revealed that its new game mode is called "game dashboard." It's coming to "select devices" and will have a handful of neat features in tow.

In the presentation, Google reiterated what we already found out. The game dashboard will be an overlay that will give you access to relevant utilities while you game, such as screen capturing, recording, adjusting the brightness, and more. As previously covered, the features in question will likely also include a rotation lock, a YouTube livestreaming option, and a do-not-disturb toggle.

Hidden game dashboard in Android 12 developer preview 3. All images via @MishaalRahman

Google further confirmed that there will be game optimization options that game developers will be able to react to. For example, users can choose to enable a battery saver option that lowers the frame rate. Game developers can then ask which mode is enabled and further optimize their games to use less battery. Conversely, there's also going to be a performance mode that uses up more battery, and devs can optimize towards that, too.

Note the framerate counter on the overlay on the right. Both images via @kdrag0n

The company encourages developers to get their games ready for the game dashboard by integrating the new Game Mode APIs and testing it on the Android 12 beta, so we're hopeful that an upcoming release will enable the dashboard for everyone, without requiring any hacks. Given that Google says that it will only be available for select devices, it's certainly possible that only newer Pixel phones will get the game mode initially, but the exact restrictions and limitations are still up in the air.