Teardown videos can be handy when you're doing your own repairs, or even if you just want to see how something works, but they can also be pretty entertaining in a gruesome sort of way. Yesterday Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything did a teardown of the recent RedMagic 6 gaming phone, and though there was one pretty major hiccup, he was able to take the phone apart while its cooling fan was actively running — and even pull it off.

I won't spoil any surprises in the video, but the RedMagic 6 does have a somewhat interesting design if you haven't thought about how actively cooled gaming phones might be constructed. There's a long metal duct attached to the back glass, spanning the phone's width from intake to exhaust, with cooling driven by a very tiny fan. It keeps chipset temperatures under control during heavy extended loads (i.e., playing demanding games) but at a cost of noise and diminished ingress protection.

That active cooling gives the phone the power to maintain peak performance for longer — or, at least, it did until Zack was through with the phone. At least it still has the volume to keep things running. (These are bad jokes you'll get after watching the video.)