There's no denying that getting slammed with notifications is quite distracting. With the global pandemic causing a dramatic shift in how many of us do our jobs, it's now more important than ever to present at your best with screen sharing tools like Google Meet — free from any distraction. An upcoming Chrome change will take that one step further to help you stay focused and on track.

This morning, Chrome Story spotted Google's efforts on the Chromium Gerrit to keep alerts at bay while recording your screen. If this sounds familiar, it's because Chrome already tries to minimize distractions caused by notifications — albeit half-heartedly. Despite their content being muted, or hidden from view, the cards will still slide into view of your presentation, which could interrupt your train of thought.

Upcoming change helps you stay focused with your presentation.

With the above commit merged into Chrome recently, muted notifications will now have a "Snooze" action button included with their card. Snoozing notifications will prevent Chrome from displaying future notifications until you exit your screen sharing session, after which they'll be accessible from your computer's notification tray.

Chrome previously hid your notification content while sharing you screen, but did nothing to remove the distracting card.

The upcoming distraction-free experience can be switched on in flags once it lands within the next few Canary channel updates, so be sure to check it out soon.

As a student who delivered multiple presentations in my online classes, this solves a major gripe I have with Chrome notifications. With the increasing rise of virtual classroom meetings resulting from the pandemic, looking at distracting notifications is the last thing I need while sharing my desktop. I won't have to remember to go through my computer's built-in Do Not Disturb mode before sharing my screen. I definitely wish this came much sooner, but I'm glad Google is finally doing something about it.

While I appreciate the change, I think Google could go a step further by offering users an option to snooze notifications by default during a presentation. It'll provide a frictionless user experience, opposed to clicking the snooze button every single time my screen share starts. I'm not sure if Google intends to implement a setting in Chrome for this, but it would be a nice quality-of-life improvement to minimize distraction without needing a click.