Last month we reported that an upcoming version of Google Messages will automatically delete all of those one time passwords and verification codes littering your text message inbox. Either someone at Truecaller was already working on that feature, or they lit a fire under their butts, because the latest version of the app does just that.

The new feature is called "Inbox Cleaner," and it sweeps up OTPs, verification codes, and spam messages. Users can either have it run in the background or manually activate it with a button press if they're not the trusting type. I can see this being particularly useful for people who work for multiple companies and have to get through a dozen two-factor authentication systems in the average week.


The update also includes a branded Truecaller Voice group calling feature, and the option to leave comments on a blocked caller. Said comments will be visible to other Truecaller customers when they see the same number, informing them of your experience. It's like the helpful messages Dark Souls players leave each other during the game. This is a relevant simile that will surely help out almost every single reader.

Truecaller: ID & spam block
Truecaller: ID & spam block
Developer: Truecaller
Price: Free+