Cleaning is a pain, but fortunately, living in the golden age of frivolous technology as we all are, we can get little robots that can help with some tasks — mostly just sweeping and mopping, but hey, help is help. They're usually pretty big investments, but today, Woot's got a couple of refurbished models from Shark starting at just 90 bucks.

The less expensive model is the Shark RV750. It's your standard robot vacuum: it'll clean your floors, either on a schedule or on demand via app or voice assistant (or pressing a physical button on the vacuum itself, if you want to go old-school). It's about $60 cheaper here than buying new. There's also the fancier self-emptying UR1000SR, which has a base it empties its canister into after it finishes cleaning so you don't have to empty it yourself as often. At $199, it's $100 or so under normal refurbished pricing.

This sale is only good today, July 7, or until supplies run out. Hit the link below to check it out.