Another month, another victim of Amazon's increased scrutiny. Coming on the heels of takedowns for both Aukey and RavPower, search results for Choetech's lineup of chargers, USB-C hubs, and cables have mysteriously gone blank. While we can't say for sure what happened here, it seems like another case of Amazon issuing removals for companies not following the rules.

Unlike the previous actions we've seen the online marketplace take against tech companies this year, it doesn't seem like any external reports are attached to today's delisting. Both Aukey and RavPower faced criticism in the days leading up to their respective takedowns from sites like SafetyDetectives and The Wall Street Journal. Choetech, meanwhile, seems to be a victim of Amazon paying more attention to fake and paid reviews on its site. However, it's not immediately clear what rules the company violated to earn its elimination.

Currently, searching the storefront for Choetech delivers some random unrelated products, like a Galaxy A11 wallet case, a screwdriver kit, and orchid cloning paste. None of these match up with the gear you can find on Choetech's own website, where all of its products are still available for purchase.

As usual, Amazon hasn't commented on whether or not it was responsible for today's removal. For its part, Choetech's most recent tweet directed users to shop for MagSafe chargers at its actual website, despite most of its other tweets from the last month utilizing Amazon links. This takedown is yet another blow to the charger selection on Amazon, which continues to look slimmer by the day.

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