If you're a procrastinator, TikTok might be the most-used app on your phone. As an endless stream of videos algorithmically chosen just for you, it's easy to lose countless hours to scrolling. Of course, that only works if the app is actually working. A major outage affected TikTok users around the globe yesterday, but the service managed to come back online late last night.

According to Downdetector (via 9to5Google), TikTok began having issues sometime this afternoon, around 3 p.m. EDT. The service confirmed an outage about an hour and a half later via its support account on Twitter, announcing it was working on a fix. Some users have been unable to load any videos, while others can view uploads but with other sections of the app missing.

Speaking personally, I'm still able to load and browse through videos on TikTok, though comments and profiles aren't loading correctly. With any luck, it won't be long until the app is back up and running again.


It took a few hours, but TikTok fully restored service last night. Videos, comments, and profiles should all be working without issue.