Sony's long-awaited WF-1000XM4 earbuds are here, and by all accounts, they're fantastic. You know what they look like on the outside, but in the words of ethically questionable surgeons, "What about the guts?" A Chinese audiophile site has meticulously dissected the ANC earbuds and documented each and every step in beautiful detail.

52Audio is showing off some skillful macro photography here, especially considering how many of these components are being held in the presenter's fingers. There are a few interesting points to explore in the design: the relatively simple electronics of the earbud case with its conventional soldered battery and Qi charging cable, the high-density foam of the custom ear tips, the surprisingly dense data lanes of the buds themselves.

With technology this delicate, I think it's safe to say that repairs for the WF-1000XM4 are going to be left in the hands of experts, with the possible exception of the charging case. Everything else is just too tiny and entrenched: even replacing the tiny coin-cell batteries looks like it'll take the steady hands of a surgeon and the patience of a saint.