Most streaming services these days offer 4K video feeds, either natively or as an additional add-on. Of course, resolution improvements only matter if your internet is fast enough to handle it. With its latest update, Ookla's Speedtest app is now equipped to test network connections for video capabilities specifically.

Unlike the app's default test — which shows a simple meter interface to measure download and upload speeds — this  new "video test" streams several video files to your phone over a few seconds. It'll first check for adaptive bitrate before, depending on your connection, increasing or decreasing resolution. Once a maximum resolution is determined, the app will reveal your results, along with matching devices for that setting. For example, 4K will look great on any display size, but when my cell network returned just 360p, it suggested limiting my streaming to just my phone.

Although it's easy to get a good idea of your video limits just by running the app's usual test, this new addition spells it right out. That can be useful for determining internet connections when you're on the go, or if you're trying to stream Netflix at a hotel or Airbnb.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you'll need the latest version of the Speedtest app. You can grab it from the Play Store below or download the APK from APK Mirror.

Speedtest by Ookla
Speedtest by Ookla
Developer: Ookla
Price: Free+