If you're into Disney (or Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, or any of the other properties Disney owns), you're not gonna find a much better streaming deal than Disney+: its base subscription costs all of eight bucks a month. But if you're still on the fence, Amazon's running a great promo for new subscribers — pay for one month of Amazon Music Unlimited, and you'll get up to six months of Disney+ for free.

It's just slightly complicated. First, only folks who've never subscribed to Disney+ are eligible; current and past subscribers need not apply. Second, the amount you'll pay for that single month of Amazon Music Unlimited depends on whether you're a Prime subscriber. If you are, it'll run you $8. Otherwise, it's $10.

Lastly, the length of your free Disney+ subscription will vary based on whether you've subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited before. If you haven't, you get the full six months — congrats! But if you subscribe now or have in the past, you only get three months.

Depending on your situation, you're saving between $14 and $48 here. Just don't forget to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription before the first month is up — unless you plan to keep using it, anyway.