According to a recent trademark filing, Google's Fuchsia operating system is getting a new logo. Most of our readers probably wouldn't have recognized the old one (above) by itself, but the new replacement is a heavily stylized "f," for "Fuchsia," and honestly not great.

Gaze, and despair:

This is the highest resolution version available for now, sorry. 

The new logo surfaced in a trademark filing submitted by Google on the 28th of June, with a description that states, "the mark consists of a stylized design of a lowercase letter 'f,'" and that, "this trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of operating system software; computer operating software; software development tools."

The application is still "awaiting examination," which I think means it's pending and has yet to be approved. Relatedly, Google hasn't started using it anywhere so far as we can tell.

Though nothing states "Fuchsia" outright in the filing, it's the only f-named operating system Google has, and the company confirmed to 9to5Google that the logo applies specifically to Fuchsia.

It's not too surprising that Google would start paying attention to the project's branding now that Fuchsia has actually started showing up in products — not that there was anything wrong with the old logo. In fact, we sort of preferred it. Something about the new logo feels weirdly unbalanced, very dated, and not very Googly. Though it could always be worse: