If you don’t already have a Nintendo Switch in your home (or several of them), you’ve probably thought about getting one. This week, we’re teaming up with Ting Mobile to put a Nintendo Switch Lite into the hands of one lucky Android Police reader. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Our winner is… 

  • Jonathon P.

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success in the gaming industry, paving the way for all kinds of Switch-inspired controllers, handheld gaming machines, and new IPs akin to Nintendo’s most popular franchises. It even prompted the end of the iconic Nintendo 3DS, effectively replacing it with the Nintendo Switch Lite that you can register to win today.

While only one Android Police reader will win a Switch Lite, there are ways you can easily save enough money to buy one for yourself, like cutting down the cost of your cellphone bill.

Ting Mobile offers plans starting at just $10 per month — a fraction of what the big guys charge — without sacrificing reliability or convenience. You’ll still get great coast-to-coast coverage on two of the nation's largest carrier networks, 5G wherever it’s available (on applicable devices), and real human customer support. Ting Mobile doesn’t make you sign a contract either, and you can even bring over your own device.

So switch to Ting Mobile and save enough money to buy a Switch of your own. There’s just no reason to spend more for the same reliable service.

The contest will run from Tuesday, June 23, 2021 through July 2, 2021. One winner will be selected to receive a Nintendo Switch Lite. This contest is only open to participants in the United States.

To enter, just head on over to Ting Mobile’s website here and fill out all the usual information. As always, good luck!