If you're anything like most web users, you have a core dozen or so sites that you visit regularly (including Android Police, right? Right?), while the rest you only peruse when it's pertinent. Chrome for Android is starting to recognize this, and give you more visible suggestions for your most-visited sites via new icons in the Omnibox.

Chrome has suggested frequently-visited sites since time immemorial but in text form, via a list that pops down from the bar. A few users are starting to see these circular tiles with the tab favicon in them, with the most pertinent results left-justified. The results appear before any text is entered.

This change appears to be rolling out to all versions of Chrome (stable, beta, canary, dev), via a server-side switch. But you can try to enable it (or disable it, if you're not a fan) with the chrome://flags/#omnibox-most-visited-tiles setting in the flags menu. Be aware, it looks like you have to be in the test in order to see a change, even if you've manually enabled the flag. Bummer.

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  • June Hizole

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