Keeping track of your health and fitness is a whole lot more manageable these days. Thanks to phones and smartwatches, tracking your heart rate, caloric intake, exercise goals, and other metrics is easier than ever. Google is testing out a new application focusing on medical records, in order to give users a better understanding of their health and well-being.

The app is, fittingly, called Google Health, and according to 91mobiles, it's in an early testing phase. Based on the two leaked screengrabs of the service, it pairs well with Google's existing Fit app, offering medical records, contacts, and sharing options. If Health does become widely available, you'll be able to link your healthcare accounts to monitor lab results, appointments, and more.

Though there's no guarantee this app ever grows beyond its current state, it's a no-brainer. Although Google Fit does a great job in tracking fitness-focused benchmarks, Apple's Health app can sync healthcare data, share information with family members and doctors, and even highlight possible conversations you should be having with your doctor. None of those features are included in Fit, so this service would help to boost Android's health capabilities up to the same level as iOS.

Unfortunately, the possibility that Google could cancel this app before it makes its way out the door is always there. With such a broad focus on health these days, we can only hope Google continues to work on the service for a public launch sometime in the future.