Whether you're a newbie or a diehard Chromebook fan, it's easy to familiarize yourself with Google's operating system. Just like the Windows taskbar, Chrome OS offers quick access to your favorite apps and active windows so you can easily play or get work done. Keeping apps just a click away is as simple as dragging them into the taskbar from the launch or by its right-click menu. With an upcoming update, Google is working to further improve the taskbar, solving a gripe I've had with Chrome OS for a while.

As spotted by ChromeUnboxed recently, Google published new code over at its Chromium repository that makes pinning apps feel more ergonomic. It's a simple change that could help people get into the habit of pinning their apps instead of searching for them every time. The improvement isn't quite here yet on the developer channels, but once available, you can try it out by toggling it from Chrome flags.

A recent commit adds a new Chrome flag to improve pinning apps.

When you open an app from the launcher, Chrome OS will place it off to the right side of its taskbar, separating it from your pinned applications. Previously, pinning it involved a bit more clicking than desired: you had to right-select the icon, then click Pin to keep it onto the taskbar at all times.

With the recent change, you'll be able to pin the active app by dragging it past the divider to the rest of your pinned apps. It makes the process feel a lot more natural, all while saving a click.

This ergonomic improvement solves an annoyance I had with Chrome OS's taskbar. While it won't make-or-break a person's experience, it's polish like it that goes a long way to improving the interactivity experience on a Chromebook. Look forward to this feature when it arrives in the Stable channel soon.