Although some of us still mourn the loss of 3.5mm jacks, the truth is that wireless headphones and earbuds offer a whole lot more convenience. Without a cable, the days of having buds ripped from your ears as you innocently pass by a door handle are long gone. Of course, wireless audio introduces another gadget you have to keep charged up, and that can be a pretty frustrating experience. Urbanista's new ANC-equipped headset looks to ensure you never lose out on your favorite tunes again, all through the power of solar.

The company's new "Los Angeles" headphones aren't your standard pair of over-the-ear cans. Thanks to its built-in solar panel, they're always charging, even when indoors. The set features a battery reserve capable of providing up to 80 hours of playback, and because it's constantly absorbing power from nearby light, you'll never run dry. Don't worry, though — the USB-C port is kept around, so in case the solar experience leaves you disappointed, you aren't limited on charging options.

Always-ready headphones won't do you any good if the actual audio is terrible, but Urbanista hopes it's up to the challenge on that front as well. Its Los Angeles set uses 40mm drivers, though we'll have to wait until we hear them ourselves to see if they're up to the task. With "hybrid" active noise canceling, ambient sound mode, and on-ear detection, these aren't lacking in the features department either. They're compatible with both Google Assistant and Siri and sync with Urbanista's new mobile app for tuning your sound and tracking your solar charge.

We were reasonably impressed with the London TWEs when we reviewed them last fall, so with any luck, this set will blow us away. Urbanista's Los Angeles headphones are available in Midnight Black and Sand Gold and are up for pre-order now for $199.