Asus may not be spoken about in the same breath as Google, Samsung, and Apple, but it's quietly had an excellent first half of the year. The ROG Phone 5 is one of the fastest Android devices you can buy today — with a price tag to match — while the mainline Zenfone 8 offers a compact body without any loss in power. If you've been waiting for the latest Zenfone to reach the United States, you're in luck. Asus has made the device available on its storefront, providing a high-end experience at an affordable price.

The Zenfone 8 can now be purchased from Asus's online store in the US, starting at just $599 for the 128GB model. If you've been hoping for a smaller, more manageable Android phone without losing out on specs, this might be your best bet. While a 5.9" display may not sound pocketable, compared to the Galaxy Notes of the world, it's much easier to hold in one hand. Though the display tops out at 1080p, it's a Samsung 120Hz AMOLED panel, and it looks outstanding.

It's not just the display that makes this phone such a bargain. It's running on a Snapdragon 888, one of the best processors Qualcomm currently available, alongside 8GB of RAM. Although the camera is lacking and Asus's update record is mixed, it's still a fantastic option at this price. Our review found that, despite some of the software features feeling underbaked, this is an exceptional Android device.

The 128GB model has an MSRP of $629, though it's currently $30 off. If you need more storage, the 256GB variant will run you just $699. Unfortunately, the larger Zenfone 8 Flip remains unavailable in the US.