There's a small quality of life tweak we've been waiting for in Phone by Google for a long time. When you're entering a new number from the dialer, the search function automatically populates with items from your contacts that match the number you're entering. In the beta version, some users are now seeing previously-dialed numbers (which haven't been saved to Contacts) in these results.

Rollout seems to be particularly spotty on this one. We're seeing this for a few users and a smattering of Android Police staff, but it's still less than half of users who have opted into the beta, across several countries. This is depressingly common for new Google features: it looks like a server-side switch.

The addition of entries in your recently-dialed numbers should be a boon to anyone who has to deal with a single person or local business for a few days, but not after that, like checking up on a car repair or meeting someone for a Craigslist sale. Hopefully it will be accessible to more users, and/or the stable release of Google Phone, before too long.

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