It seems like we're just a little bit more sure about when the clock is about to strike on another budget territory Pixel phone. If you were left guessing about when you can buy your Pixel 5a, we'd like to provide some guidance.

That guidance comes from Bloomberg's seasoned tech insider, Mark Gurman, and his Power On newsletter. He expects the 5a to land in August — complete from announcement to sales. This falls in line with the Pixel 4a's launch timeframe last year, though the Pixel 4a 5G followed at the end of September.

In response to rumors about its cancellation, Google revealed in April that the 5a would be available in the U.S. and Japan later this year. The specifications picture is still quite murky with not much in the way of leaks thus far.

We're not sure if that realm has officially expanded since then, but there's always hope — Gurman's fairly steady with his intel, so we've got the whole of July to wait through at the very least.

What? That's not a "few" weeks to you?