When the wireless charging Pixel Stand was released back in 2018, people were excited about the Pixel 3's new wireless charging capability, and the way the stand turned Pixel phones into tiny digital photo frames. What people weren't so thrilled about was the price: at eighty bucks, it was several times more expensive than a standard Qi charging pad. Woot is selling the Stand for just $38, a match for the lowest price we've ever seen, and maybe even worth actually buying.

The Pixel Stand packs in a standard Qi charging coil, so it'll charge any compatible phone at 7.5 watts. But if you slap a Pixel 3, 4, or 5 on there (the A series doesn't get wireless charging), it'll go at 10 watts, and start always-on active listening for Google Assistant. It can perform a few other tricks, too, like automatically starting photo frame mode or playing the news.

The Pixel Stand even uses some neato tech to recognize different phones, so you can have it perform different actions when you or someone else place your respective phones on the stand. Or you can buy multiple Pixel Stands and have them do different things when you set your phone down, at your desk or your nightstand, for example. Again, that only works with Pixel hardware.

The Woot deal is a limited time offer, good for one more day. While Woot does have a tendency to repeat sales, get an order in today if you want to make absolutely sure.

This deal from last month is back! The sale has "a day left," according to Woot, but supplies could run out earlier. Use the link above to grab one.