Chrome has been testing a handy sidebar consisting of your bookmarks and articles you’ve added to your reading list. It's not yet available in the stable version of Google's browser, but you can manually enable it in Chrome Canary if you want to try it out.

If you’ve already enabled Chrome Labs (check for a flask icon on the address bar), you should see options to enable the sidebar and the reading list. Alternatively, you can enable these features by way of flags — enter chrome://flags in the address bar and search for the features below. You’ll need to restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

The reading list works similarly to bookmarks (click on the star and select 'Add to reading list') in that you can mark pages for quick access in the future. You could use this to prevent articles you intend to read only once from clogging up your bookmarks folder. When you’re done reading an article, you can mark it as read and make it move to the 'Pages that you've read' section at the bottom.

The sidebar also contains a list of all your bookmarks, nifty if you don’t like them sitting below the address bar. You can choose to shut it and then enable it via a toggle on the address bar or just leave it open throughout your entire browsing session.

The new features are currently only available on Chrome Canary, but they might make it to the stable channel in the future.