Samsung phones come pre-loaded with not just Google Chrome, but also with the Samsung Internet browser. While you might be inclined to disregard the latter, you may want to give it a second thought, especially if you care for customization. Samsung's browser recently received privacy and multitasking improvements and now, the latest update of the app is adding a handy bookmark bar.

It's disabled by default so you'll have to go into settings to enable it — here's how to do that:

  1. Tap the three-line menu in the bottom bar and open Settings.
  2. Find Appearance and dive into it.
  3. Here, toggle the "Show bookmark bar" option.

You should then see the bookmark bar right below the address bar, but the browser doesn't populate it with pre-existing bookmarks. You'll have to long-press the bar and manually add a page to it. Once the first site is added, a new "Bookmark bar" folder will appear in your existing bookmark collection, which you can then fill with previously saved pages. This process is a little counter-intuitive and will hopefully be improved with future updates.

Once the bar is added, you can long-press any of the bookmarks to open them in a new tab/new secret tab/new window, edit them, or delete them. Long-pressing some empty space in the bookmark bar will give you options to change the order and even create a folder. Since you'll only be able to fit about 3-4 bookmarks in the bar as is, you can use folders to categorize them and have a lot more at your disposal.

The optional bookmark bar is available on Samsung Internet version 14.2.1 — grab the update from APK Mirror.

Now available in stable

The bookmark bar is now available in the stable version of the browser and the article has been updated to reflect the same.