Assistant has been going through a ton of changes lately. From skipping out on activation phrases for specific tasks to a new look for conversations and responses, Google is throwing itself into making its AI service better than ever. Of course, not every change is a groundbreaking improvement — some quality-of-life tweaks go unnoticed until just the right time. Google has given its Assistant lock screen settings an all-new placement to help surface the options for more users.

Starting in version 12.24 of the Google app (as spotted by 9to5Google), preferences relating to how Assistant works on your lock screen are now listed under "Popular Settings," rather than the "Personalization" menu as before. It won't change the way you use your phone, but it should make it a lot easier to locate these options — especially if you haven't already enabled them.

Of course, once the option is enabled, there isn't much else to customize. Google allows you to turn Assistant responses on and off as needed. If you'd rather use physical shortcuts, like sliding up from the corner of the display, you can also enable personalized results for that action. So while nothing new has been added for lock screen functionality, the real change here seems to be boosting the visibility of this tool to more people. Though Assistant's initial setup process does prompt users to allow locked voice commands, it's all too easy to keep it disabled accidentally.

To check out the rearranged menu, you'll need version 12.24 of the Google app. You can update using the Play Store link below or download the latest APK from APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
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