Unlike some of the past events, this year's Prime Day held some pretty solid deals. If you still haven't gotten your fill of brand new gadgets — or you aren't a Prime member and missed out on the exclusive sales in the first place — your patience has paid off. Samsung's super-sized Galaxy Tab S7+ is back on sale at Amazon, and it's even cheaper than it was earlier this week.

Although we know the Tab S8 series is on the way, the Tab S7+ is currently the best tablet currently available from Samsung. It features a gorgeous 12.4" 120Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 865+, and 6GB of RAM. The quad-speaker setup makes it a movie lover's dream, while the included S Pen and Samsung's built-in DeX mode keeps you as productive as ever.

Only the 128GB version is marked down today, but for $642, it's actually $13 cheaper than it was on Prime Day. Plus, anyone can take advantage of this sale — you won't need a membership to grab this discount. Our review of the Tab S7+ said the price was the only thing standing in the way of this tablet. Now that it's $200 cheaper than its launch price, it's a must-own.

Of course, 12.4" is pretty big for a tablet, so if you're looking for something a little more manageable, the 256GB 11" Galaxy Tab S7 is still on sale for $527, the same price as Prime Day. Though its AMOLED display is swapped out for TFT, it keeps all of the other features from its big brother.

Whichever size you prefer, you're in for a great experience. Grab yours using the links below.