The majority of us turn to Google Search to discover all kinds of web content, but that might not be the best choice if you care about privacy. In order to improve its results and make more relevant recommendations, Google tracks your activity across the web. If you're looking for a privacy-focussed alternative, we have good news — Brave Search is here to offer another option.

The search engine is currently available in beta and will not track users, their searches, or clicks. Brave is using an independent index and offers a way for users to know what percentage of the results have been delivered by it and other third-party engines. However, the indexing is not comprehensive yet; it uses Microsoft Bing for features like searching for images (and we all know how bad Bing can be).

Brave compares its search with that of Google's and DuckDuckGo's

Brave Search doesn't have any ads now, but there are plans for both a free, ad-supported tier and a paid, ad-free tier. For the former, Brave will enable BAT revenue share as it's done for Brave ads.

As for the search experience, Brave looks quite similar to Google. You'll also be greeted with familiar knowledge panels, and sections like People also asked and In the news. You can try it out yourself by heading over to The search engine is also available in the Brave browser, where it will become the default engine later this year.