Not all of us are fans of YouTube autoplaying videos on its home screen, but it seems like that's here to stay. In a new test, the "feature" is picking up more exhaustive controls, making it possible to have more interaction with the active video without having to further open it.

The change was spotted by a Twitter user (via XDA Developerson his Pixel 4a running Android 12. However, we couldn't replicate this on any of our devices, and it may not actually be constrained to either a specific device or Android version — as a test, it sure feels very limited for the moment.

As revealed in the video above, you can now scrub through videos right in the home feed and even toggle subtitles. There's a mute button, too, but it doesn't work for the user, suggesting we're still in the early stages of development.

While it's safe to be skeptical about any changes Google makes to YouTube, I think this could be a nifty way to see if a video is worth watching without having to open it. If you like it, open and watch it in full screen, but if you don't, simply scroll until you find one that's worth your time.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free