It's become a running joke that Nintendo's games hardly ever go on sale. And it's true: while big-ticket releases from the likes of Ubisoft or EA are liable to be in a BOGO sale three months after release, Nintendo toes the MSRP line for as long as possible.

The same is true of the company's hardware, but with this rare deal, you can grab a Switch Lite for $178 — $22 under what you'll normally pay. There's just one catch.

This discount comes from B&H, and it's technically on the European model. But wait! Both the full-size Switch and its little brother here are not region locked, meaning that aside from the packaging, the experience of owning a model made for Europe is exactly the same as one intended for the US. It'll play US games just fine, and it's got full access to the eShop and Nintendo Switch Online (both the free retro games and online play).

The most important difference is that this model, being international, may not be covered by Nintendo's standard manufacturer warranty. It does come with a 90-day warranty from B&H, however.

It also comes with a funny plug, but B&H thought of that: this is a bundle that includes a Europe-to-US power adapter (or you can use any other USB-C charger you have laying around — I charge mine with a power brick from a Pixel 3a).

This deal is only available until midnight tonight, Eastern time, so if you've been itching to hang out with Mario and the gang, get a move on.

And if you want some games to go with your fancy new system, some of the Switch's best titles are still on sale for Prime Day:

Follow the link below to pick up your discounted Switch, you savvy shopper, you.