Samsung has given its folding phone customers perks like golf discounts and Michelin-starred deserts, but this summer, the non-folding hoi polloi can also enjoy some Galaxy-owning benefits. On June 21st, anyone with a Galaxy device can snag a 3-month YouTube Premium subscription, a $5 voucher for Uber Eats, a $5 Twitch gift card, and a three-month Billboard Pro membership, plus a new referral program for the Galaxy S21 that gets you a Galaxy Watch 3 discount, and a handful of smaller perks.

To simplify things here's just a list of perks we know about so far (including the "eh" ones):

  • YouTube Premium 3-month free trial
  • $5 Uber Eats voucher
  • $5 Twitch gift card
  • "Gaming Master Class"
  • 3-month Billboard Pro membership
  • A "Songs of Summer Galaxy NFT"
  • New referral program: Get someone to buy an S21 with your code and both you and them get half off a Galaxy Watch3.
  • "Exclusive access to perks from top-charting Songs of Summer artists," including early access to the chart a day before general public release

Redemption methods may vary, but so far as I can tell, almost all of these promotions will be through the Samsung Members app. Some of the deals have terms that could prevent our readers from taking advantage of them, like the YouTube Premium trial, which requires that you never have had a related service subscription or trial for YouTube Premium, YouTube Red, or Google Play Music before.

As usual, all this stuff is "as supplies last." None of the promotions are even live yet, though it looks like they are all landing on June 21st, just in time for the second day of summer.

Promos are now redeemable

If you've been waiting for these freebies to go live, check the Summer of Galaxy page now. We had trouble redeeming them in the app yesterday, but it looks like everything's working. The Uber Eats coupon, Twitch gift card, YouTube Premium, and Billboard memberships can now be redeemed, for owners who qualify.