In recent years, OnePlus has slipped down a few notches in both quantity and quality of software updates. Last year, buyers of the Nord N10 5G and the N100 were a let down with just one Android update to the already-released OxygenOS 11 and two years of security updates. This year things are looking a little bit better for the Nord N200 5G, but still disappointing overall.

OnePlus has confirmed to the folks over at 9to5Googlethat the phone will be updated to Android 12 and will get three years of "maintenance updates." The latter should include Android security patches but it's safe to expect that the frequency won't be monthly.

While this isn't as good as what Nokia has to offer in this price range, we're not really surprised. For context, OnePlus only promises two major Android updates and three years of security updates even for its $1000 flagship, the OnePlus 9 Pro. Software development is a resource-intensive process, but it's still a shame that OnePlus isn't prepared to do better than this. Aside from inadequate support promises, some of its recent updates have been plagued by bugs, too. It certainly makes me think twice about buying a OnePlus phone at the moment.